European Investment Project Portal (EIPP), the new tool to reach potential investors

The European Investment Project Portal (EIPP, the Portal) is a web portal enabling EU-based project promoters – public or private – to reach potential investors worldwide. The Portal is provided and hosted by the European Commission and is part of the Investment Plan for Europe initiative to mobilise investment, promote economic growth and create more jobs across the EU.


  • It is designed in response to investors’ desire to see more potential EU investment opportunities in one central information platform.
  • The Portal was launched in June 2016. It offers advanced search and filtering criteria, making it easy for investors to find projects according to their preferences.
  • Investors can register online and are able to subscribe to project updates according to their interests. The Portal will boost the visibility of EUbased projects to a large network of international investors, by presenting projects in a structured and harmonised format.


To be eligible for publication on the Portal, the project proposal must:

  • Have a total cost of at least EUR 1 million – the threshold has been recently lowered down from 5 million in order to make ‘Seal’ SME Instrument projects eligible;
  • Be in one of the pre-determined high economic value-added sectors;
  • Be expected to start within three years of submission (or shall have started already);
  • Be promoted by a public or private legal entity established in the EU Member State;
  • Be compatible with all applicable EU and national laws.

The submission is done online by uploading your SoE certificate, is now free of charge and can be submitted in all EU official languages. More information is available at:

Note that the EIPP is a facilitator: funding cannot be guaranteed for any submitted project. At the same time, submitting a project does not impose any legal obligations, in the context of the EIPP, on the person submitting the project. Submissions to the EIPP will not be treated as applications for financing under EFSI or other EU/EIB instruments. Publication of a project can be denied on legal, reputational or other grounds.

Are you a SoE holder and want to know the concrete steps to create your EIPP project? Do not hesitate and contact me!



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