How many days have you spent reflecting on that groundbreaking idea that has been around for a long time, but you do not know how to materialize it?

You know that what you do is one of a kind, your borders are too small for you; however, you are afraid to leave your comfort zone because you think “I am too young to bring my idea outside my country” “it probably goes wrong” “besides, it would be a lot of effort and I do not have the resources or time to carry it out” .

These excuses (yes, I am sorry to tell you that you have been self-excusing for a while) I have heard them hundreds of times and they all have the same solution: YOU NEED A STRATEGY. And not just any strategy, but a customized and winning strategy. A strategy just for you and your ideas. And no, it is not a science fiction story with unreal and unattainable goals. If you work in the field of research, development and innovation you have to know how to be at the right time and place. This is the reason why I am here.

My name is Reyes and I am going to help you designing your own strategy so that the path towards the internationalization of your innovative ideas is a breeze.

I define my work as Strategy Consulting “Reyes’ style”. And what does “Reyes’ style” mean? It means that everything I do has as its starting point the human dimension. It is that simple, but at the same time so complicated to find when we talk about defining the internationalization strategy of a research group or a company, and aligning these efforts to achieve their true objectives and goals.

Strategy consulting helps to define the strategy and relationships between strategic objectives associated with human and organizational capital of a client. This definition includes taking into account the key processes, the value proposition, the main stakeholders of that client and the expected results of creating economic value and fulfilling the mission and vision of the company or institution. It also defines the indicators and goals for the strategic objectives and action plans, so that progress in the implementation of the strategy can be measured.

Thus, I like to define the strategy consulting in R&D&I as the process that encompasses the formulation and programming of the strategy, the estimation of human and budgetary resources to implement the strategy, the development of the monitoring and control system of progress and processes of alignment in a R&I environment. Besides, if we add the international dimension to all these steps of strategy consulting, using this process that leads us to take the leap out of our country, we will be entering the field of strategy consultingReyes’ style“.

The main areas of work in which I have specialized are:

  1. Strategic Planning: within the strategy consulting the first step we must take is planning. To do this, I work with you which is the most appropriate way to focus that leap to the international world that you are considering. I help you to design in a practical and personalized way a roadmap or strategic plan in order to achieve the international positioning you are looking for, and how to obtain the resources to carry it out.
  2. Personalized search for funding opportunities: to develop a winning strategy, it is necessary to know where to find the financial resources that will make our international R&D&I dreams come true. Part of my job as a strategy consultant focuses on filtering and customizing those financing opportunities that best fit your profile. If you want a list of those calls for international projects adapted to your topic, news about them or to develop a financing plan for you (among other things), this is your site.
  3. Proposals Review: Do you already have a specific text of an international proposal and want to know if you are on the right track? Let me give you my opinion! As a strategy consultant, I have extensive experience in writing and editing successful proposals within different European R&D&I programs. I make available all this knowledge to focus your proposal in order to turn it into a winning international R&D&I project.
  4. Online Consulting / Training: one of the main advantages of strategy consulting is that it can be done from the comfort of your office or from the armchair at home. With the use of new online communication platforms we can chat and clarify those doubts that have been in your head for so long: which R&I program is the most suitable for me? Is this the best moment to take the international leap? Am I understanding the fine print of this call? Will I be able to follow a medium-term strategy? Get comfortable and prepare to give a definitive answer to all your questions.
  5. Professional Coaching: One of the pillars that I personally most attract from my work as a strategy consultant is to empower other people and help them achieve their goals. As a professional coach I am willing to offer my support to improve your skills, resources and creativity that you already have (even if you do not believe it). I hope to collaborate with you to help you break down those “mental barriers” that you have created and make you see that you are able to continue generating strategy and achieving international goals for yourself.

It is time for you to take the momentum and take the big step! You just have to contact me and I will help you in the way that best suits you, designing a winning, safe and exciting strategy that will get you where you have always dreamed.