Andrés Martínez

Head of the CDTI-SOST Office in Brussels

“Reyes is one of the best-trained national and international R&I and project management experts I know. We met on my arrival at the Spanish Science and Technology Office (CDTI-SOST) in 2013 during one of the editions of the Specialization Program of European project managers and during her stay, she showed us an extraordinary professionalism and desire to learn. Since then, we have continued collaborating punctually and in fact, she returned to spend several weeks with us again in the beginning of 2017, when I could see that she had not lost an eye of her desire to learn and her ability to team up. In summary, if I have to highlight a characteristic of Reyes besides her professionalism, it would undoubtedly be her positivity and constructive character. It is a pleasure to count on her as a professional and as a person

Jesús Rojo González

Technology Transfer and European Programmes
EEN MADRIMASD Project Coordinator
NCP Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions

I have known Reyes for more than 5 years and from the first moment we have formed a very good team. As National Contact Point of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions we have jointly worked on many proposals that Reyes has managed since its inception at the Autonomous University of Madrid, including the COFUND that she won for this university in 2015. We have organized and participated together in numerous events of great international impact, such as the Night of the Researchers or the EUMEX Innova congress in Mexico City, and in all I have had the professionalism, enthusiasm and sympathy of Reyes. For me, being able to count on her is always a guarantee of success

Julia Fernández de Casas

Innovation Project Manager at Ferrovial

I met Reyes in the Specialization program for Managers in the European R&D&I programs in Brussels. I was immediately struck by her ability to communicate ideas clearly, concisely and in a personal way at the same time. As a result of this course, we have met on several occasions that include Innovation Days or preparation of European Proposals. If there is something that has made me work with Reyes again, it is the confidence to know that she always gives an answer to the proposals that are made. In addition, she is organized and creative and once she is committed to a project, I know I can count on her.

José María Martínez

Professor of the Department of Electronic and Communications Technologies at the Escuela Politécnica Superior de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Reyes was the soul of the European and International Projects Office of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid; “the pillar of this support structure” as his boss, Roberto Otero, says in this blog. I met her when she joined the office, and during the years that she worked at the University I could see her professionalism, her immense knowledge of all aspects of the internationalization of research, her commitment to the projects on which she embarked and the passion and joy that she puts into all of them. For some years now, she has been collaborating as a guest speaker in a project management course in the Master’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering, where, with the same passion she puts into bringing projects to fruition, she teaches students the basics of preparing European proposals, demonstrating not only her in-depth knowledge of the subject, but also her excellent communication skills and motivation. Reyes is a reference point in the internationalization of research and a person who injects positivism into all the activities in which he is involved.”

Beatriz Gil Gómez de Liaño

PhD. Professor of the Faculty of Psychology of the UAM. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellowship at the University of Cambridge (KU) and the Harvard Medical School (USA)

I met Reyes when the UAM internationalization office was lunched and I started to be interested in the topics of research internationalization. She always advised me with great professionalism and with an unusual speed and efficiency in the university. She started a good part of what is now the UAM European Project’s Promotion office, and during my time as Vice Dean of Research at the School of Psychology she helped me get started with a similar project for the School of Psychology. She not only advised me regarding specific projects, but she even organized a two-day meetings in Brussels to present the new Internationalization Strategy of my Faculty by contacting the different research offices in the field of Psychology. Since then, whenever I needed help, my reference has been Reyes. She has extensive knowledge about research in Europe, she is one of the most competent, intelligent and hardworking persons I have ever met, having the ability to solve problems very quickly. She is enthusiastic, committed to her work, sure of herself, and in the personal field she is an exceptional person who has good people skills that make it extremely easy to work with her. Reyes is, undoubtedly, my reference for every international research work or project.

Ramón J. Durán Barroso

Professor at the University of Valladolid

“Reyes has helped us present a proposal for the MSCA-ITN program. The proposal was very well received thanks to their work both in writing various sections and in the general coordination of the process of preparing it. She has a great deal of experience in preparing proposals for this programme and this resulted in a very comprehensive proposal. Working with Reyes is very easy as she is always accessible and offers quick answers. Finally, but perhaps most importantly, the personal treatment is fantastic and Reyes is always willing to help.”

Valerio Rocco

Director of Círculo de Bellas Artes Madrid, Former Vice Dean of Research, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Reyes is a great professional and to work with her is a guarantee of seriousness and success, as I have personally checked during two years, thanks to the help she gave to me during the development of the internationalization strategy of the Faculty of Philosophy of the UAM. I would highlight, among her professional virtues, her kindness with the researchers, her knowledge of the calls and her commitment to a job well done. Receiving answers immediately (even at 11 o’clock at night), responding to a technical question of great complexity and above all with closeness and good humor, is very rare in the world of research management; but in the case of Reyes it is the norm. For that reason (and for many other things) it is so rewarding to work with her.

Xavier Eerkhout Chicharro

European project manager
Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology

Reyes is one of the most enthusiastic professionals with whom I had the pleasure of working. Her desire to do things and her happiness make her the perfect colleague, not only for her work capacity, but also for her continue desire to help others and for her great ability to motivate anyone with whom she collaborates, ensuring that any common project succeed.

Roberto Otero

Professor of the Department of Condensed Matter Physics of the Autonomous University of Madrid, and former Rector’s Delegate of the Office of European and International Projects (2013-2017)

““I met Reyes Sansegundo in a Skype interview when we were looking for staff to start from scratch the adventure of providing the Autonomous University of Madrid with a support structure for European project applications. Given the magnitude of the task, which would have made more than two senior technicians faint, Reyes not only was not intimidated, but from the beginning was willing to take responsibility, responding to the challenge with enthusiasm and energy. In the four years that we worked together, Reyes became the pillar of this support structure, getting involved in all aspects of it, from the support to the proposals of the UAM researchers (and some have already participated in this blog ) in search of the always scarce funds for its maintenance. Possibly, among all the positive aspects that Reyes has both personally and professionally, I would highlight the energy and passion with which she performs her tasks, and the great autonomy with which she conducts himself, which has allowed her superiors to briefly describe what we would like to do and leave everything in her hands.”

Pilar Ariza

Professor at University of Sevilla

“Although I have known Reyes for a relatively short time, it seems that we are old acquaintances because of how easy and fluid it is for me to work with her. I was looking for help to prepare a proposal to a European program and providentially, Reyes crossed my path. His advice was invaluable, because he has the necessary qualities for this type of work: he knows the terrain he treads, has the ability to connect and understand, and the most valuable, shows high doses of generosity, a good that is often scarce in our business.”

Eva García Muntion

Managing Partner RTDI

“Reyes brought us energy, commitment and new and good ideas. It has been a pleasure to have her on the team and I am very happy to be able to continue collaborating with her now, I hope for a long time to come.”

David Pascual-Ezama

University Professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Visiting Schollar – Sloan School of Management MIT

“I’ve worked with Reyes on several proposals since I’ve known her. I could say of her that she is a great professional, who knows a lot about what she does and who is also capable of transmitting it in a clear and simple way with the right criteria for the success of the proposals. But this could be seen by anyone looking at her CV or talking to her for thirty minutes about a particular proposal. What I can say is that she is a very beautiful person, who has no problem in helping in an unselfish way, often putting the interests of others before her own. And this makes the people who have worked with her appreciate her personally as well as professionally. But since words are carried away by the wind and what remains are the facts, my facts are as follows. The last two projects presented with Reyes have been a Marie Curie Global Fellowship and an industrial PhD. In the first case the evaluation of the proposal was 86 out of 100 obtaining the “Seal of Excellence”. The last proposal was the successful application for funding of an industrial PhD for one of my PhD students in collaboration with a startup. We are already working on the next proposal!”

Alberto Coz Fernández

University Professor, University of Cantabria

“Through the European and International Projects Office (OPEI) of the University of Cantabria, I was advised by Reyes to help me apply for a European project in the MSCA-RISE 2020 call. I took advantage of a National aid (Europe Research) to be able to contract her services since in addition they were the most adjusted in budget and tasks of all those that I had requested. Working with Reyes has been a pleasure because in addition to all his high knowledge in the calls and European policies, as well as in the help to contact with other partners, he has advised me on the design and the distribution of the different sections, adapting perfectly to my own style and my needs, both in the project and in the distribution of the tasks and the way of contact between us. If I have the opportunity to apply for a project again, I would like to contact her again. I already applied for this project last year and in this call it has improved enormously thanks to her help. Thank you, Reyes.

Carmen Romeralo Tapia

MSCA Postdoctoral Researcher at Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU, Sweden

“The European project office at my university recommended Reyes to prepare my MSCA IF proposal. After analyzing the previous versions and the reports received, he organized the time in a brilliant and very efficient way, focusing my work hours to get the maximum benefit. Working with her was very simple because she explained in a very clear way what the strengths of a proposal should be and the content of all the sections. Her enthusiasm, energy, friendliness and her ability to work make collaborating with her a pleasure and a professional success. For me, she will be indispensable in my future projects.”

Rafael Robina Ramírez

Professor of the University of Extremadura

“After several months of work with a group of professors of the University of Extremadura in the preparation of a proposal H2020-MSCA-RISE, the office of European Projects of my university suggested me to contact with Reyes. From there the proposal advanced firm and sure. The great skill of Reyes is to know how to guide you to get what you need to write right. With patience, but also with exigency, she has known how to take us to the presentation of a competitive proposal. Without a doubt it is a guarantee of success to be able to work with Reyes, because of her commitment, professional preparation and especially because of her special ability to see those approaches that perhaps others are not able to see when preparing a European project with ambition. I will undoubtedly continue to call on her in future calls, so that she continues to inspire me and help me to realise all the strength, attraction and enthusiasm behind a well-presented proposal. Thank you, Reyes, once again! “

Claudia Messina Albarenque

Professor – Teaching and Education School – Autonomous University of Madrid

“I met Reyes at the UAM when she worked at the International Projects Office, and the experience of working with her has been great, the best person who has had that service until now. Reyes is a professional with a lot of experience in project management and international and national R + D + i programs, she has a wide knowledge of each project, she knows how to perfectly communicate it according to the needs of the person who asks for advice with clarity, precision and, at the same time, conciseness. with people providing suggestions and solutions to any difficulty that may arise quickly and effectively.In the personal treatment is friendly, friendly and close in addition to dedicating sufficient time in each consultation. She is always available through different means: telephone , email, skype, etc. Specifically, he helped me in the drafting of a project for Societal Challenge 6 in the Horizon 2020 program and to get partners at European level for it. She continues to advise me on projects and research programs with the same dedication and professionalism. If you want to request a project, Reyes is the person to ask for advice.”

Carmen González Gutierrez

Postdoctoral research fellow
Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies (University of Erfurt, Germany)

“Reyes is helping me prepare my candidacy for an MSCA-IF. In this process, she is offering me absolutely personalized advice that fits my professional profile, my current situation and my future interests. In particular, one of my main difficulties lies in combining my work, which is markedly historical and archaeological, with the social challenges of today. In this sense, Reyes is being a vital support, thoroughly reviewing the proposals I send her, discussing with me possible ideas and approaches, and illustrating with practical examples that help me to better define my own project. His comments are helping me to identify some shortcomings or weaknesses not only in my CV, but also in my internationalization strategy, and to try to mitigate them effectively. Reyes is very involved with me and answers all my questions in a deep, sincere and dedicated way, helping me to think also in the long term. It gives me a lot of peace of mind to have her as a support.”

María Vázquez Hernández

Postdoctoral researcher at INURA

“I would like to thank you, not only for the technical aspects (which also), but for the way you work. Really, it has been a pleasure to have you as a consultant and work with you!”

Irene López Perolio

Clinical Research Associate in Trial Form Support (on behalf of Amgen)

“I was lucky enough to coincide with Reyes during the development of my Project in the RTDI consultancy. Reyes was my tutor in the development of that work and without her help and dedication I would not have been able to carry it out.
I decided to go for this consultancy to learn more about project management, and thanks to Reyes I learned how to carry out a proposal for an R+D project for the European funding application within the H2020 framework. Something that was complex for me because until now my dedication to research had only been in the laboratory. To this day I did not continue along the line of management, but I know that all the knowledge acquired during that stage has helped me in my professional life, and continues to help me today.
From that stage I had not only a dedicated tutor to my proposal, but also a great support on a personal level, thanks to his dedication and energy.”

Leonor de la Cueva Castillo

Project Manager at Euro-funding. European Funds

Reyes is one of the most competent and complete professionals I know in the field of innovation management to whom I owe much of what I learned during my training as an innovation consultant. I met Reyes when I did the Master in European Project Development at RTDI and I was very lucky that she was my tutor for the development of the final Project. From the very first moment I was fascinated by the enthusiasm she has, her facility to develop, explain and communicate ideas, and the commitment and passion with which she works. 

Working with Reyes is always an opportunity to acquire new knowledge in an exceptional work environment. On a personal level, I would like to highlight her positive character and closeness that makes it a real pleasure to work with her. Thank you for all Reyes!

Esther Menéndez Gutiérrez

PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher MSCA
University of Salamanca

I had been awarded a “Europa Investigación” Spanish grant to apply for an ERC Starting Grant and through the recommendation of several colleagues, Reyes appeared in my life.

Reyes helped me prepare my proposal, taking it from a proposal that reflected my doubts to a solid and very attractive proposal both visually and scientifically. She has a great experience in European projects of all kinds and it shows in her professionalism, in how she does her work. Some of the things I value most from the time I have spent working with her are her willingness, her adaptability and her closeness. I hope to be able to count on her in the development of my future projects.

Manuel Jordán

University Professor and coordinator of the area for the improvement of research quality at Miguel Hernández University. President of the Spanish Association of Scientists (ACS).

Reyes helped us a lot in the management and submission of all the documentation of the Interim Assessment of the seal of excellence Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) of the UMH to Euraxess. She is a person with a lot of experience in European projects who spreads confidence, enthusiasm, professionalism and generosity. A great luck to meet her along the way. I hope to be able to count on Reyes in future exciting international projects.

María Moncada

Head of Unit European Projects Office of the University of Valladolid

I met Reyes in Brussels at the end of the training course for managers at the SOST-CDTI headquarters. I met a girl who was an earthquake with whom I later met again at the time of the setting up of the Network of European Project Offices and Managers of the CRUE. Reyes is an earthquake in a good way, super professional, super charismatic and super practical, who makes easy what can be difficult for other people. As a consultant in RSR it has always been a success to count on her, with her vision and her good work. I always recommend working with her, and I take this opportunity to thank you for helping us to work and achieve the projects in the best possible way.

Juan Carlos Maya López

Researcher at the National University of Colombia

Reyes’ extensive knowledge of European proposals helped me to detect errors in my document that would be very difficult to find for someone without this type of experience. In addition, despite the many difficulties I faced during the construction of my proposal, she supported me until the last day

Carla Segovia

Senior Public Sector Consultant
PhD. Glass Ceiling in R&D&I in health in Spain. Social policies and practices in health

“For me, working with Reyes during these 6 months has been a great help to be able to focus and distinguish clearly between my two professional backgrounds. She has helped me to be able to differentiate them and put them in their place. I have learned to order the knowledge that I have gained and developed throughout my professional life. I have reviewed the things I need to improve, I have learnt to focus on my “weaknesses” and turn them into strengths and, above all, to see myself and make the most of myself in the workplace. She has provided me with very interesting resources and techniques that have helped me to take a leap and challenge myself in my professional field.”

Adrián Sánchez

MSCA Fellow CiQUS – Universidad Santiago Compostela

“During the process of preparing the MSCA-PF proposal, I had the opportunity to be advised by Reyes. Reyes provided me with an external and much-needed point of view when preparing a proposal of this calibre. She helped me to convey the main idea of the project in a convincing, clear and concise manner. In addition, her knowledge of the implementation of European projects was essential to prepare a very solid and innovative proposal in all aspects. Reyes’ experience in this kind of proposals helped me to better understand my project and to get this grant”

Carla Segovia

Senior Public Sector Consultant
PhD. Glass Ceiling in R&D&I in health in Spain. Social policies and practices in health

“For me, working with Reyes during these 6 months has been a great help to be able to focus and distinguish clearly between my two professional backgrounds. She has helped me to be able to differentiate them and put them in their place. I have learned to order the knowledge that I have gained and developed throughout my professional life. I have reviewed the things I need to improve, I have learnt to focus on my “weaknesses” and turn them into strengths and, above all, to see myself and make the most of myself in the workplace. She has provided me with very interesting resources and techniques that have helped me to take a leap and challenge myself in my professional field.”

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