RESARVER: A mobile pension for mobile researchers

RESARVER: A mobile pension for mobile researchers

The mobility of researchers is a driver of excellence in research. However, researchers face many difficulties in preserving their occupational pension benefits when moving between different countries.

RESAVER is the answer to that challenge.

Look below for more about the elements that make up RESAVER from an organisation’s point of view. Use the submenu to drill down to the detail.



The RESAVER Pension Fund will manage multiple occupational defined contribution pension arrangements across multiple countries, each compliant with the applicable local social and labour laws.

It will be based on a defined contribution approach.

To find out more, take a look at the RESAVER Pension Fund section of this website.


RESAVER Insurance will be made up of two sections:

  • An occupational pension solution (as a short-term solution); and
  • A private pension solution.

RESAVER Insurance will be offered as a short-term solution to employers registered in countries not yet part of the RESAVER Pension Fund. Once the country is set up in the Pension Fund, RESAVER Insurance funds will be transferred to the Pension Fund. Any private pension savings will stay withRESAVER Insurance.

To find out more, take a look at the RESAVER Insurance section of this website.


In order to take part in RESAVER, an organisation must first join the RESAVER Consortium.

The RESAVER Consortium’s purpose is to promote and help deliver RESAVER as an operational solution.

To find out more including how to join the RESAVER Consortium and how membership can benefit your organisation and employees, take a look at the RESAVER Consortium section of this website.

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